Thursday, June 12, 2008

Melissa Scarfun

Posted by Double Y at 9:48 PM
I finally got a Melissa Scarfun, after almost a year of finding a pair. I got her for 39.99, no tax and free shipping + $10.00 coupon! What a steal right!!

My sister who lives in Singapore tried to locate one for me but no luck, she gave me a pair of Melissa Disco instead. Here's my Disco with the Scarfun:

I love the box and the dust bag.My sister didnt send me the box for the Disco so I dont know how it looked like. Also, I smelled the Scarfusi( yup.. you read it right.. Scarfusi, the box is labeled as such), it smells like bubblegum but the Disco just smells like plastic..

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