Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank You Apple Care!

Posted by Double Y at 4:39 PM
So I did a booboo with my Mac again. This time with the powercord. The powercord for Macs are magnetized and they detach from the unit itself easily, so to prevent tripping.
Do I make any sense at all? Anyway.. here's a photo of it. Got this from

Because of my carelessness ( I swear I can hear Jamz' telling me stop twisting the cord, from here!), the skin of the cord burnt, and it wont charge anymore! I noticed this problem a couple of weeks ago, but I didnt want to tell Jamz coz I know he would say," I told you so!". Then the other day it really wont charge anymore. I tried both batteries but they didnt work, so I swallowed my pride and told Jamz about it. Then the next day he called Apple and they said that they will send me a new powercord free of charge, as long as we send the old-broken one back. Jamz said it will arrive thursday, but then it arrived today! Now I cant wait to go home and check it!

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