Monday, March 10, 2008

My two long weekends

Posted by Double Y at 10:15 AM
Jamz got me a brand new car, last weekend. It was his welcome back to the IT world gift to me since I started work two weeks ago. Well actually, its more like, so that he wont have to drive me to work. He traded his old CRV to an Acura RDX and I told him upfront that I might have problems driving it as it is wider than the CRV and since my old car in PH is also a sedan so Im not really an SUV girl.

So here's what happened, he started car shopping two weeks ago and ended up bringing home the RDX, after that, we went straight to Honda which is on the other side of the street, I originally wanted an Element since it is small but has so much space. Then I test drove an Accord, it was perfect! It was comfy, I wasnt scared. Those of you who know me, knew this for a fact that even when I was in PH, I really hate to drive. There would be times that I'll meet my friends near our area after work, instead of going straight to the meeting place I would go home and park the car, get into a cab or have them pick me up! I know its weird, I remember even telling myself when I was a little girl that I would only get a car IF and ONLY IF I can afford the salary of a driver. But it didnt happen so, I got a car in PH and was left with no choice but to drive it from my house to Makati every working day! Argh..Well I consider it as a practice since my current office is 15 miles from the house.

Anyway, going back.. I loved the Accord but since it was late so we went home. The following saturday, my mind was set on getting a Honda Civic Hybrid, not because I wanted to go green, but because I envied those prius and other hybrids who can drive thru the Carpool lane even if they are alone. So We went and I drove it, but then the handling is not that smooth ( it switches from gas to electric once you hit the breaks and switches back when you accelerate), and the response is not that quick. The civic hybrid itself is just like your ordinary civic, its just that the MPG is 40 city and 45 highway which is perfect! So I was ready to sign and Jamz was ready to pay ( heheh) but then I had second thoughts and decided that we go check the other Honda dealers for better deals. The Hybrid is more expensive than the Accord, sure we'll save on gas but I cant use the Carpool lane with it anymore when Im alone since DMV stopped giving out access stickers since last year, so whats the point of getting a Hybrid. So then we left, and went to the other dealership, I tried the Honda Civic but didnt like it, after hours of negotiating with the Manager, we finally got what I wanted, a black Honda Accord 08 complete with massager and heated seats!

That's me inside the car!


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