Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How 's Yna?

Posted by Double Y at 10:38 AM
So I mentioned, I started work few weeks ago. Where is work? Work is at Seagate Technology, (yeah the manufacturer of hard disk), which is 30mins from our place if I click on avoid highways in my NAV. It feels weird,since this is technically my first US job and when I got here, I didnt really start looking for a job yet, I opted to take few months off and enjoy being a plain housewife.

So, Im still in shock, and a bit stressed, truth is I miss having a maid. I wake up 7am, prepare my coffee, make sure that Mig has breakfast and Jamz' too, pack my lunch, take a bath then drive myself to work and then come home, prepare dinner. I was used to waking up, and just asking the maid to make my coffee and pack my lunch, bring it to the car while Im preparing for work. The job really is easy, its the driving that kills me. Oh well.. gotta get used to it.

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