Monday, November 12, 2007

Bee Movie and The Secret Life of Bees

Posted by Double Y at 9:02 AM
We have been watching movies at home via NAS eversince Jamz got a 52" tv and bose system in place. But last saturday, we decided to go out to the movie theater, we watched the Bee Movie and Fred Claus. Funny, in one the scenes in the movie the defense lawyer referred to Sue MOnk Kidd's The Secret LIfe of Bees when he was cross examining the witness. I've finished reading that book three weeks ago and have been drafting a review about it as well.

Although the movie and the book is not connected both have facts about the life of bees.

The Secret Life of Bees tells on the life of a young teenager, Lily Owens, who grew up without a mother and was raised by an abusive father. The plot was in the 60's and set in South Carolina. Her mother's death was a blur to her that she was desperately trying to discover what really happened. This lead her to Tiburon and introduced her to the life of bees. Aside from the life of bees and the trials and successes that Lily experienced as young lady growing up, the author also touched on the sensitive issue of racial discrimination. Lily had a black nanny whom she love so much that when she got into trouble Lily broke her out of jail and brought her to Tiburon where her mother used to live. In Tiburon, she met her mother's nanny who was also black and had a bee farm.

While the Bee movie is a light way of showing viewers the life of bees,no fun all work. As BENSON puts it "One job for the rest of our life?" and " I love this incorporating an amusement park in our everyday lives".One bee refused to be a regular working bee and went out of the hive and made a difference. He sued the human race and demanded that all the honey that the bees worked for be returned to them so that his fellow bees doesnt have to work. He won the case and they had a huge surplus of honey that they didnt have to produce them anymore. While they are on their indefinite vacation, plants withered and died since the bees stopped pollinating them.

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