Monday, October 22, 2007

Jollibee at Tully

Posted by Double Y at 10:18 PM
I've heard about Jollibee branches in LA but we were surprised to chance upon a branch near our area. We were game shopping for the Wii and we saw this particular branch. Hungry for chicken joy and yumburger we parked the car and had dinner there, never mind if Ill miss an episode of Prison Break, I can always watch it online. I just have to have my yumburger! So we went in, it felt like you're in PH. The interiors are the same as that of the stores in PH. Aga Muchlach is still in the posters hanging on the walls and the staff are all Pinoys and they all speak tagalog. Me bakla pa nga eh.Hahahha! Sad though, the servings are still the same but the price is more expensive. Hey, what do I expect? The burger and chicken rode PAL on the way here. Well, Im just glad to finally know that there is a Jollibee branch near our place. ^_^

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