Thursday, June 14, 2007

Melissa arrives in Manila

Posted by Double Y at 5:37 PM
Three years ago, the havaiannas craze began and lingered on until the Crocs Mania started. I was both one of the fans of Havaiannas and Crocs.And now, Melissa Severine shoes will soon be available in Manila!

Here's a little something about those three products, well all of us know they are footwear right?

Havaiannas - a bit pricey as compared to your ordinary rubber slippers. But they are more comfy and stylish. I bought my first pair in Singapore, 3 years ago. I can still wear it but its not as soft as it was before.

Crocs- When I first saw Crocs, I swore to myself I will never be interested in even trying them on. But then, I saw the Crocs Prima. They're ballet flats, made of rubber and they're soft and comfy! Not only that, it's anti microbial, odor resistant and has non-marking soles. Unlike the first Crocs I saw, the Crocs Prima is slim fitting and you can pair it with your jeans, shorts and dresses! Though it's more expensive than the Havaiannas, this flats is definitely worth every penny.
I can't say much about the disadvantage though, since I only got my pair two weeks ago.

Melissa Severine - I read about Melissa in one of the posts at Shopcrazy. They are way too expensive for a fad footware. Turns out, Melissa footwears are made of plastic! This is what one website has to say about Melissa:" Melissa Shoes Severine is not just a shoe it is a fashion accesory - to go with your favorite jeans, outfit and great for travel. You can wear them in the rain, on the beach and innovative in the city. ". It is made of the softest, most malleable plastic. Like the Crocs, it eliminates plastic toxic smell and lessens the tendency for feet to sweat.Ooh and this shoes comes in different scents. Yeah, you heard me right.. different scents. The one in this post smells tutti frutti. Interested? Well, Melissa arrives in Manila this coming July.


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