Tuesday, May 1, 2007

His and Hers

Posted by Double Y at 4:17 AM

I switched to N80 (thanks baby for the phone.. I love it) from my old n70. I was thinking of getting the new communicator but decided against it, since it won't fit my purse again. Plus with this N80, I have almost everything I need. It has Wifi, camera (3 megapixel), compatible with Fring (VOIP software, skype), Hier(msn) and YahooGo! Not to mention it is light weight and small enough to fit into a girlie bag. The only thing that's missing is the GPS which the N95 (jamz' new phone) has. I have yet to test the WIFI though. But I must say, I have tweaked this phone soo much as compared to my previous phones( n9210, n9500, n70, etc.)
So far so good! Thumbs up for N80!

As a side note, I realized that n9210 and 9500 uses.cdb for their back up files, while n70 uses .arc and n80 uses .nbu. Now my only challenge is to convert my old communicator series back up files to .nbu. I was not able to copy all my contacts and messages from my n70 to n80, I was under the impression that since all my files are in my 1gig RS mmc I can easily move it to my new phone. But when I got home, it didnt work that way, so Im now hunting for a converter/exporter.

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