Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dream Wedding

Posted by Double Y at 7:53 PM
I remember back in highschool, my barkada and I got to talk about dream weddings. What the setting would be like, how our gowns would look like and who would be our Prince Charming. A friend of mine wants a fairy tale wedding complete with horse drawn carriage,venue would be the Coconut Palace,another one wants a wedding in Rome or London anywhere outside the country...Mine was simple.. I just want my wedding to be witnessed by everybody, I want the world to know, "hey Im getting married to this guy!"
Now as I plan my wedding with only our closest friends and relatives to witness the whole event, (inviting everybody is expensive so perhaps this blog will be filled with photos after the wedding).. I wanted it to be as memorable as possible. One that would not only make me fall inlove more to him but also one that would make the guests fall in love with their partners too.The cd invitations contains lovesongs that best described our love story.The photo giveaways, which will be photos of the guest themselves, will remind them how wonderful they looked during that memorable evening.The whole reception is our way of thanking them for believing in our relationship and keeping it to themselves during those times that we cant come to the open. So.. with few more weeks to go.. see you there!

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