Thursday, January 18, 2007

I hate it when you stare!

Posted by Double Y at 1:55 PM
I wore a gray kneelength pencil cut skirt, black top with thin belt and boots today for work. Not bad right? But then, when I went to lunch with a friend, I can see people looking at me! On the way to our usual lunch venue, I could count at least 7 guys, 9 girls who either rudely stared at me or looked at me and whispered something to their companions after seeing me. What is wrong with wearing boots with skirt? Its my style, I didnt dress up for them. If you dont like what you see, I dont care!Its annoying! I hate it when people stare at you, I am natural suplada. I dont like being looked at whether they be looking at me admiringly. Ive been hit on a couple of times already. Ive seen guys look at me and actually hear them talk about me! Some would even have the guts to ask for my name or pretend they know me from somewhere. Isnt it obvious, im engaged already, isnt my engagement ring nor my having lunch with a guy friend proof enough? I dont know. Art usually calls me jologs bait. True enough,thats one of the reason why I dont commute at all, if I do have to commute, Ill even have to ask our maid to get me a cab, since If i walk out to get it myself, I will definitely hear construction workers and tambays whistling at me!Arggh. Im not even wearing make up!It has been consistent all my life. Even when Im in my dont care clothes, the simplest of jeans and shirt and havaiannas, i still get cat calls! Same is true for my mom, though she is really pretty as per my fiance and a lot of my friends! Ohh, even when Im driving. There was this incident on my way home from work, a benz full of teeners rolled down their window and wanted to ask my name while we were on traffic!!
As soon as the green light was on, I sped up only to see them chasing after me, I was really scared! So I passed through lighted streets and prayed that they dont follow me. Good thing a car with police escorts rushed behind them that they had to giveway. Whew! Im not pretty, at least thats how i see myself, I dont have beauty titles to brag about but how come Ive always been a victim of nasty, annoying stares?

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