Thursday, December 14, 2006

My Gadget History

Posted by Double Y at 5:11 PM
Im in Marketing, Internet Marketing that is. I graduated with a degree in Public relations and a post graduate diploma in Events Management. How did I get into IT? Well, probably its my love for technology and gadgets. Year after year, if I can afford it, I try to update my gadgets. Lets map out a little history on what gadgets I had way back.

1995- Blue transparent Pager. Infopage, I remember begging my Mom just to give me this!

1996- MicroTac cellular phone, Mobiline.

1998- Bosch sms capable phone. Spent my first salary for this!

1999- The era of Nokias. My very first Nokia phone was a 6150, first ever dual band phone that runs both globe and smart networks. Same year I switched to the Matrix Phone the 7110

2000- Nokia 6210, slimmer version of the 6150.

2001-Then i changed to 9210 after seeing my fiance's 9110. Hehhe..

2002- Still using the 9210, got my first

2003-Got my first laptop an IBM T40

2004- Finally bought a new phone, nokia 9500 plus company issued P910i. Got my first ever
digicam, a sony DSC cybershot. hmm.. What else? Ohh, my car, black Opel astra.

2005-Moved to IBM x40 laptop, first time i had a thumbdrive,an ipod shuffle and company issued motorola razr phone.

2006- changed phone to n70, got an extra phone 2310 and iPod video (from my fiance) plus iDog. From IBM laptop to powerbook to IBM laptop.

2007- Mac book pro? (hehhe!)

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